Your Plans Vs. God's Plans...

For years now, I have had the tendency to say things like, this is the way my life will be, how I want it to be, who I'll marry, etc. I also plan out, how my day will go, what I am going to do for lunch, who I am going to call, who I am going to see, and if something doesn't go according to that plan, I don't feel right about it.


The saying, "You want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans" has been a big impact on my life and especially my love life. I knew who I wanted to marry and was so very sure about it for so long. I had already known how we'd get together, how we would do our wedding, our kids, everything! But, people change, me included, and I no longer feel that way about that person. I truly believe that sometimes God has to teach you harsh realities in order for you to trust his plan and let him order your steps. 

I finally started letting God "drive" and guide me to becoming the woman he wants me to become. I decided to finally wrap myself up in loving Him first and loving myself and  my life has changed in such a positive way because of it. I started worrying a lot less, I started being patient with finding love, and I started focusing on my career more; All of that has been a result from praying more and letting God's plan for me prevail. 

The point is: I know that we all want to be in control of everything and although it is okay for you to make goals and even make certain plans on a day-to-day basis, God has your story already written. So, trust in him and talk to him because sooner or later, things will start to move in your favor. It won't be the easiest road but "nothing worth having will come easy."