The Chase...

As I get older, I am finding that I need God more than ever. He has always been at the center of my life, growing up going to Saturday school, church every Sunday, and praying at night. But when I got older, I started taking those things for granted and losing sight of who has made very single thing in my life possible.


Fast forwarding to recently graduating college, I immediately moved to another state to start my new career. Things started to get rocky so I knew my Faith in God had to grow in a major way in order to get through these tough times. I started to read daily bible verses and ended up finding my favorite scriptures in the process. The one I resonate the most with is James 1:2-3: "Count it all to joy brethren, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience." This, to me, means that no matter what trials come my way, I HAVE to always keep my faith in God knowing that he will not lead me wrong or put more on me than I can handle. 

Patience has been something I started lacking the older I got also, more in finding love. You see, I have this idea of what I believe love is supposed to look like and I used to try and create that with the wrong people instead of being patient and letting "Mr. Right" come along. 

So, one day, I became more interested in reading more and wanted to find the perfect book to start reading and came across this book called, "The Chase." The basis of this book is: instead of chasing who you think is the "right one" chase God and he'll send the right one to you; He'll make sure that you will cross paths when He is ready. Because of this, I became even more adamant about Chasing God and figure that the best way to do this would be to start reading and understanding the Bible. Finally, after weeks of research, I found the best devotional bible for me.

Although I know it is easier said than done to keep your faith, especially when things are going wrong, I'm ready for whatever this "chase" has in store for me.