Fill Me Up...

The song has not only touched me, but the video I have posted has hit home for me. I can't take credit for the message that He shared but I can only take credit for sharing it with you guys. Please take time to watch this video. This Pastor shares his take on Relationship Goals and the relationship we should have with God first.

Grab a notebook, to take down some notes. Below are the main points:

  • We have to have clear vision in order to be able to aim and hit our targets. Meaning: what is your end goal in this relationship?

  • There are 5 things in which you need, that God gives us from the very beginning, in order to succeed BEFORE THE PERSON. He shares a story of the beginning in which God created Man and what took place before he create his partner.(Genesis 2:8-19):

  1. A Place- God places us where he wants us to be. You are where you are because of God's doing; you are exactly where you need to be.

  2.  A Purpose: God has put us in situations and jobs, relationships, friendships, etc. for a reason. He is making us uncomfortable in order to reveal who he wants us to be.

  3. Provision: He supplies what/where he has called us to. He only funds what he plans!

  4. Identity: he created us in HIS image. We are who we are supposed to be; stop comparing your life and relationships to others because you can never be comfortable in the identity of someone who is not me. 

  5. Parameters: To keep us safe, so we do not get hurt. We get in relationships with no standards and let that relationship be that standard and that sets us up for failure. 

"What is filling us is what other people have told us we should be."

"Let God continue to pour into your life and fill you up because when the lies come back, they can only stay on the surface."