While shopping around for a gift for my special someone, I wanted to make it meaningful and different. Engraving this gift definitely made it stand out. It was the search for the words to engrave, that took the most time and inspired this post. 

He and I always speak about timing and taking our time, so, I wanted this gift to reflect that in some way. As I looked through a number of Pinterest quotes, I couldn't find the right one that stood out to me. I saw things like, "Our Time" or things along the line of "Timing is Everything." While those, in a small way, communicate what I feel, they just did not cut it for me. 

So, I started reflecting on what has been meaningful to us lately, and on the road back home, we decided to watch The Transformation Church- Relationship Goals series. You may remember this from my previous post, Fill Me Up... To summarize, God gives us a Place, Purpose, Provision, Identity, and Parameters, and does so, all in his own timing. Although this is reflecting upon Genesis, this scripture popped up on my radar, might I add, in perfect timing:

 "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end."- Ecclesiastes 3:11

While this is a perfect message for a fairly new relationship, this is an amazing message for anyone that has struggles with being patient and rushing into things without God's plan kept in mind. When we rush into things and move at our own speed, things tend to go wrong and instead of listening to God tell us to wait, we keep pushing at it. 

To give a more earthly example of why you should take your time, understand the way flowers bloom. Remember, they do not bloom overnight; the beauty in them take time. You have to plant seeds and even before then, you have to figure out where you want them to grow; If the location is perfect and if they will be able to withstand the weather. You have to use the proper tools and be very careful with what you use. Then you have to water them; you have to care for them and nourish them or they will not be able to grow to their full potential. . It starts as something so tiny, that may deter you from wanting to wait. But as we wait and go through the "ugly stages" we realize that it was all worth it; the patience, the hard work, and most importantly, God's timing made the journey beautiful. 

So, continue to trust in God's timing or start trusting in God's timing because nothing worth having, happens over night.