Lean Not On Your Own Understanding...


As I was watching church yesterday morning (Beacon Light of Baton Rouge), I realized a few things about myself. I had to check myself. When times get tough, I tend to start trying to come up with logic and what I can see; what will work for me. I also tend to start stressing and start trying to make plans on my own, all of this without consulting with God first. 

In the last month, I have been struggling with being homesick, failing at trying to be financially smart, and being too wrapped up in others and not being wrapped up in God enough. I have been trying to figure it out on my own and it did not dawn on me until I was in the midst of my live stream, that I have been leaning on my own understanding. Thank you Elder for that message! He pointed out that just because I can’t see it, doesn’t mean God’s not working. 

I ended up just speaking with a friend and telling them about my struggles and I recall saying, “ I’m not going to stress about it because I know God is going to work things out. No need to stress.” After I said this, we walked into a store and an opportunity presented itself that I had been asking for.

its funny, because I’ve always prayed but did it because it was required before bed. During this Chasing God journey, I began to pray and ask God to order my steps. And I can honestly say, I’ve been getting what I’ve asked for. Not materialistic, but emotionally and I believe it’s bevause I am getting to the point of just letting God have his way with me. 

Does that mean I don’t still cry when I’m stressed out or not trip out when I’m upset? No ! But I am working on it, and I’ve found that the more I give it to Him, the less stressed I am.  

So my advice to anyone going through any of these things, is to literally let him order your steps. Pray for direction. Pray for clarity.  And know that all things will work themselves out for your good because of God’s hands on you !