The Pursuit of Happiness...

So, if you have been following my blog for the last few weeks, we’ve talked about my journey with self care and apart of that journey is me utilizing my prayer jar as well. (Who Cares What People Think(Me)?... & Who Are You Living For?...) The last few weeks, I have been struggling with allowing people to affect my happiness and just flat out steal my peace. But it’s funny how God works and how his timing is the right timing. 

Today, my checklist called for me to watch church, so I did. As you know, I watch Transformation Church, on YouTube, regularly and what I watched was Pastor Charles Metcalf speak on the topic of pursuing your happiness. (Video above)

Now this might sound normal, but here’s the catch: We should NOT be pursuing happiness, we should be pursuing contentment. The reason being is that happiness is conditional; we could be having a great day but if our significant other, our job, or even our family even looks wrong, we’re annoyed and angry.

He spoke from Philippians 4:10-13 (AMP) and the clear message that you should get (if you watch) is that we spend so much time feeling and putting our energy into other people and things that probably won’t even matter a few months or a year from now. We are trying to leave where we are now to get to this imaginary idea of happiness that we may never reach because as soon as we think we’ve reached it, we’re striving for something  else. 

Instead, we should identify where God has placed us and where he wants us to be and simply put, be content there. Because as he stated, “The more content you become, the more joy you have. The more joy you have, the stronger you will be.”  

So I think the newest goal is to strive to be content in whatever season you are in. So that you will have joy, and that’s something no one can take from you!