New Year, Same, BUT Better Me...

So here’s my new year resolutions:


The last few days of 2018, I started what I would consider my New Years Resolutions and it’s been something that I’ve already been working on all throughout 2018, just kicked it into overdrive as the new year began. Those resolutions are to be intentional in all of my actions and words, be present, unapologetic, as well as continue to grow my relationship with God.

In a matter of 13 days into the new year (20 days since I began), all of those have been really in practice as well as been tested. In a situation where I would once feel defeated and “played,” I feel blessed and mentally strong.

I feel ready for what’s next and also ready to conquer what life has for me in this moment. I feel free because when I finally stopped and asked God to show me and give me peace of mind and He did.

I say all of this to say: You are not your circumstance. You are, however, who you choose to be and what you choose to speak over your life. I’ve gotten into a habit of speaking God, positivity, love, and light into my life and God removed all that was not any of those listed above.

For those of you struggling to let go of things that bring you unhappiness, uncertainty, and negativity, I pray you find your way to who you are meant to be. I’ve found that finding who you are is a life long journey; there’s no age limit.

Good luck with your new year resolutions and I wish you love and light❤️