In This Moment...


Everyday, I come across many different types of people and sometimes they seem to be all over the place (emotionally), and I always reflect back to a year ago when I was still in college, and in the same state. It can be a number of things that cause this imbalance in your life. For me, it was stressing about if I was graduating in the coming months, stressing about the unknown after college, even stressing about my love life; it was so much unnecessary stressing and I did not really know how to deal with it. 

But, I did start to learn more about myself. I learned that my days got better when I would go by my best friends and laugh with them. It also would get better when I saw my kid (dog), going see my family, and writing. Just anything that could make me laugh, would take my mind off of the world and make me realize, "I am alive and in this moment; Let's stay in this moment."

After college, I started to breathe more, of course until life came at me hard again. Homesick, job problems, and being alone, are three things that took a major toll on me. Not that I was not grateful to have taken such a great leap of faith, but I was worrying again. So, I started that journey of "being in the moment" yet again.

But guess what I found out? Prayer is PRIORITY, Yoga is CENTERING, writing is THERAPEUTIC, and exploring a new city is EXCITING. 

You see, I found that it wasn't about what was going on in my life, it was about what I was doing to remedy those things. Worrying is not something that should be used to do so. Instead, I found things that would make me live in the moment and bring me joy.

TAKE TIME TO FIND THOSE THINGS! Life is way too short !