Run your Own Race...

This saying has been being thrown around more and more lately and it has inspired this post. We look at what everyone else is doing and where they're at in their lives financially, in their education, in their friendships, and in their love lives and we start comparing our situations to theirs. We HAVE to stop doing it. 

We all know that life can hit you hard in many ways and sometimes that means having to get knocked down and start all over again. That means dreams being outgrown and changed. That means being curious about one thing and finding a passion in something else. KNOWING ITS OKAY for all of these things to happen is the main point here.

People trick us into believing that, for example,  graduating college in 4 years is key to being successful. When in reality, most people don't get a job in their field until years later, if they ever do get one in their field. People also make you believe that if you're not living up to their standards of success, you are a failure. Unfortunately, people also trick us into following their dreams instead of your own and we end up unhappy and not where we want to be. But don't measure your success based on anyone else's because it is your life to live.


Take me for example: for years, I said I wanted to be a lawyer, once I got to college, I started learning more about myself and realized that, that was not what I wanted to do. Im not ashamed to say, I went through four different majors: a)Political Science- to go into law, b)Kinesiology- to go into a sports related field, c)General business-to be someone's boss someday, d) Human Resources Leadership Development-to help develop young leaders like myself.

Want to know what they all have in common? I have been a leader in every sport/team I have been apart of since I was 5 years old. I have trained people and had to lead them to success for the teams common goal. I basically was taking all of my passions and trying to just focus on one when I realized, I could be focusing on them all at once, which is why, for those who don't know, I have my degree in Human Resources Leadership Development. 

You see, I thought I was a failure and an embarrassment because of what comments were made about me changing my major so much. I also, watched my sister know what she wanted to do from jump, excel in school, and is actually in her career doing what she's been saying she wanted to do forever. I am always bragging about her and her success but I also put myself in competition with her and felt like a failure because my success didn't look like hers. But it took for me to realize that it wasn't about who else was proud of me or what others wanted me to do, it was more about if I were proud of me and what I wanted to do.

I am here to say, I am very proud of myself because I stopped worrying about everyone else and started focusing on me. I stopped caring if people understood my reasoning behind changing my major so much because my end goal was to do what I am doing now.. Had I continued to compare my success/failures to others, I also would have never started my blog to share these struggles, I would have never moved to a different state, and I would not be working for one of the best companies in the world developing as fast as I am.