Life After College...


Graduation day has come, you've made these big plans on moving away, starting your career, and flourishing financially. In some cases, these things are met immediately, in other cases, they are not. Some recent grads can't find jobs after they graduate and start to doubt every single decision they make. They are not prepared for rejection because we're taught "you have a degree, you'll get hired." It's one of the most discouraging things a young adult has to face because life has finally set in.

Now that I have made you reminisce on what it felt/feels like, take that feeling and I want you to understand that its OKAY TO NOT HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT. We are still growing and learning. Making those plans have always been a great thing because that shows we actually have goals and we want great things out of life. But don't get caught up in what the world tells you, you have to be. Be more focused on where you want to go, what you want to do, and start building from there.

We also need to learn that its okay to ask for help. Letting your pride guide you will have you living a miserable life, if you let it.  Go live back at home with your parents if that helps save your money, borrow money from that friend/family member without feeling guilty, and ask for guidance through prayer or whichever way you see fit. However you have to do it, just do it and know that real friends and family will not judge you or make you feel bad for ever asking them for help.

Lastly, understand that the best thing about going through it, is that we find a way to get through those tough times. It makes us so much stronger and feel so accomplished when we become a resource for other people. You're now able to guide people who may be dealing with the same things you've dealt with.

 Keep your faith and keep a plan and you will get through the after college "blues."