You Are Enough...

At this stage in my life, I pride myself on making my own rules and living the way I want to, because I am the only one that has to live my life. Some people, maybe most, do not always agree with that or even understand it, but it draws from sometimes feeling like I wasn't enough for people, not matter what I did. I felt like this mostly in relationships and friendships, whether it was the way I acted or the way I looked, compared to others; I just couldn't understand why me just being me, was not enough for those people. Turns out, I was enough but I was surrounding myself with the wrong individuals.


It took me a while to actually get to the point of saying, " its either you or me." You have to choose yourself for your own sanity because it is your life to live. Realize, if you let people who are not secure with who they are, dictate the way you feel about yourself and the moves you make, then they will try and make you feel exactly like they do. Remember, misery loves company.

Rid yourself of those people who talk down to you and make you feel as if you have to look like or be like someone else, in order to please them and yourself. Understand, that it says more about that person than it does about you. 

We were not created to please anyone but God, so surround yourself with individuals that want to help you grow, praise you for being who you are, and that will help you be the best version of yourself.

Most importantly, be comfortable in your own skin. If there are things that you want to work on because you do not feel they are beneficial to your life, improve on them. If you want a slim waist and whatever else for your own body, workout and eat right. But make sure you're doing these things for you so that you can feel amazing and have no regrets for altering those things about yourself.

Make your own rules and live your life unapologetically.