Oh my! How fast this year has gone by! But each year brings new lessons and realizations and I will say, 2018 has taught me the most. Let’s recap:

  1. BACK TO SCHOOL- On the 16th of this month, it has been two whole years since I graduated from LSU with my Bachelors. So cool right?? yes BUT, whoever said after you get your degree, many doors will open LIED! Hey, i’m just being honest. I have struggled finding a job in my field and it’s only getting harder. But I turned that negative into an opportunity to further my education (which everyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely swore off school after undergrad) and I am now pursuing my masters degree.

  2. HAPPY PLACE-Sex and The City and Friends are my happy place; its the way I wine down after work or on a day I just want to spend in the house(either that or I am a lunatic for going on round 5 of SATC and round 4 of Friends). Finding my happy place was important, especially towards the end of this year because I started struggling more and more. These two shows have helped me tremendously!

  3. ANXIETY- I used to struggle a bit with my anxiety in high school and it just resurfaced again. The source of my anxiety comes from my inability to relinquish control in situations I have no control in, internalizing everything, and feeling like I have no purpose at times. Sucks right? With that being said: Lose your pride and GET HELP! There are people in this world that are paid to help you through tough situations that you don’t know how to handle or get through!

    3. CONTROL- Aligning with point 3, relinquishing control is okay because it’s not yours to control anyway. Things happen all around us that we cannot control and it’s not meant to be controlled. No matter if it’s your relationships, friendships, or the way people treat you, YOU CANNOT CONTROL THAT! Live your life and control what you can. Leave the rest to God!

  4. LEARNING WHO I AM AS AN INDIVIDUAL-I am still learning to be okay with being alone and exploring alone. I do not have to be alone, but the more I get to know myself, the more that I am able to teach others the way I want to be loved and treated.

  5. FRIENDS & FAMILY- I have learned to be more open and forthcoming with these guys. I always say, they keep me leveled and they are always a source of support. Having this support system is very important!

    6. GOD IS GOOD- Whether it be through signs, struggles, great times, and just random moments, He will see you through. Tough times don’t last when He is on your side. Seek him in all that you do!

    7. Cody nicholas & JuPITER CHASE- my dog has been my best friend since i got him. he keeps me grounded and gives me all the love in the world. a true example of unconditional. now, I never would have imagined but I am new to being a cat-mom. I have a new kitten who is just as looney as I am and I am loving every bit of it. I’m sure her brother, Cody, will think so too (hahaha)


My sister and I were having a conversation last week that made us get on the topic of growth. She pointed out that we have this vision when you do everything right, you’re supposed to constantly go up this slope. But, in fact, life is just the opposite. We have to go through many obstacles that look more like a rollercoaster with dips, twist, and turns. But guess what? That’s what makes life, life!

J. Cole has said “There’s beauty in the struggle…” Trust me, this year has brought about tons of struggles and i’m sure that 2019 will bring even more. But the beauty in the struggle is that I’ve grown closer to God, I’ve find what I love and am trying to pursue it, and I’ve worked on keeping positivity surrounding me ALWAYS! This is what has helped me! The reality is, what has helped me may not help you on YOUR journey because all of our stories are different. I just want to give hope and a template that can just help you get started. I hope this helps!

Happy Holidays Everyone!