Overcome Your Fear...

This post took me some time to actually come up with because I could not find the right words to start it, could not find a title, and could not form a full set of sentences. What writers like to call "writers block." But, I am calling it a fear! 


So, I am here to tell you about that journey full of fear and how I got out of my own way. The short version on how I came to really enjoy writing, started from just writing in diaries about my thoughts, love life, and what was going on in my life. I found myself really finding a release the same way I did when I ran track and danced. After graduating from Louisiana State University, I decided to move, less than a month later. I now reside in Houston, Texas. This was a stressful move for someone who is so family oriented and relied so heavily on them for lots of things. But I did it.

During the move, I found myself overwhelmed, stressed, and homesick. Imagine living an hour away from home for college to 5 1/2 hours away now. I used to complain about the drive from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and boy oh boy you should hear me now (laughs). But basically, I was out of my element and out of my comfort zone. It was yet, another major transition in my life and the only way to cope and really understand myself in this transition, was to write about it.

A few months into the new year (2017), I started watching Sex & The City and decided, like Carrie Bradshaw, that I wanted to share my journey and insights on life. But not as Shelby, anonymously. Why? Because I realized that this tough young woman, who I have always been, did not want to be criticized on my opinions and my life. So, I crafted up this anonymous blog where only a few knew it was me. I wanted to create a safe place for people, like me, to share their thoughts and insights on life also, without feeling attacked by others opinions. But what kind of life am I endorsing if I cannot stand behind my own work?

Thus, I created SNL Blog. (SNL are my initials people, not Saturday Night Live ! Thanks MeMe & Daddy lol) But I still never said it to many. I was me, I was posting, but not many knew about it. It did not dawn on me to share my journey until I had a very interesting situation happen to me at work, a few days ago (Boys Will Be Boys...).  I believed that was something that people should hear. Especially women, and to make men more aware! I laid in bed that night and posted my link on my snapchat, my instagram, and created a facebook page for it because I was tired of being scared of people seeing me vulnerable and what I really thought about certain things.

Now, I am trying to create a platform. I want men and women, my age, younger, and older, to hear a different point of view on life through my eyes. If I can provide insight on anything that you may be going through, why would I not share it? I stopped being afraid of people understanding what I go through on a daily basis; I moved out of my own way. 

So, please enjoy, share your stories with me, feedback is welcomed, and remember to be kind!