I created my blog to be open and honest so that maybe something that I am going through, could help someone else gain some insight on their lives. So this post is about to do exactly that—give some insight on what I’m currently experiencing, and that’s imbalance. 

Have you ever just felt off? Like, your norm isn’t your norm anymore and maybe something in the wind has shifted? It’s funny because I get this feeling around the same time every year; right before my birthday. Ive basically been feeling off balance with my writing, my professional life, and even in my personal life. The phrase “writers block” is an understatement for my inability to write consistently. “Which way do I go?” Is the question I’ve been asking myself when it pertains to my career. And most certainly, not least, “Where do I want to be in x amount of years?” Has been playing constantly in my head when it comes to my personal life.

These are the constant negative things that I have been battling. I was stuck in a weird place for a few weeks and felt like I couldn’t pull myself out until I realized I was battling with myself. I was the obstacle in my own way and it was because of the way that I was thinking. We all fall victim to ourselves every now and again but how long we decide to stay there is quite up to us.

If I’m being honest, I’m sometimes still in that place, only because I’m human. It’s warranted because i had to realize that I’m not going to do everything perfect the first time. It’s okay for me not to feel well and take care of myself. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to do things alone. Most importantly for me, it’s okay to not know what’s coming next. I, so badly, want to plan out the next steps of my life (my little family (husband & kids), my home, and where I’ll be in my career) that I drive myself into this hole of thoughts of me not being where I want to be. Because of this, I stop being appreciative of where I am currently. 

So, what have I been doing to keep myself leveled?

1. Reading daily bible plans and my daily bible scriptures.One thing that has stood out to me, the most, in my latest bible plan was the ability to remove negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Although, easier said than done, it has seemed to help me stay a bit more positive. The steps are: 1. Notice the negative thought. 2. Reject the negative thought. 3. Replace the negative thought. 

2. Learning to move at my own pace. I was raised to go after what I want and don’t stop until I get it and because of that mentality, I try and move too fast and end up hurting my own feelings in the end. 

3. Learning to communicate better with those around me. I always tell everyone to communicate effectively because I know it helps to sometimes avoid conflict. But I have a tendency to hold everything back and get emotionally overwhelmed before I speak up. I’m trying to do better. Progress, not perfection.

4. Setting the pace. I realize that at times, I wanna move with other people’s lives and where they are instead of focusing on where I am and how to get there. Trying to set more realistic small goals for myself, in the mean time. 

So, if you’re going through or have something similar, feel free to post what worked for you. How’d you find your balance again...