Commit To The Journey, Not The Dream...


 “Man I wish I could go back to when life was easy” is something we’re all guilty of saying at one point or another on this journey through life. One thing that I’ve realized is, either way, if life was so easy would it all be worth it in the end? Would I be able to look back and say I earned everything I’ve accomplished? Or have I learned anything at all?

Probably not, right? We want the success and the money and some even want fame, but we don’t take the time to think about what we have to go through to get there. After having a random conversation about life a few months ago, the person I was speaking with said one of her friends told her to, “commit to the journey, not the dream.” Take a moment to think about it..

We hear in lyrics all the time things like:

“there’s beauty in the struggle” -j.cole 

“nobody told me the road would be easy”-Mary Mary 

And when we think of these lyrics we’re praising and shouting like we’re in church but we’re not actually listening to it. They’re telling us it’s hard but it’s okay because it’s worth it. There is going to be struggle to get to where we want to be; that’s life! There will be times when we don’t understand and scream, “why me?” But there really is beauty in the journey, no matter how hard it is. 

Think about the way that your parents or anyone taught you about falling when you began to walk or falling when learning to ride your bike. It was always many falls, scuffs, and bruises, but they always said, “it’s okay, get back up.” That’s how you get yourself through life. Life throws curveballs to every single one of us no matter if it’s emotionally or even physically. But how you get back up after, defines you.

No matter what part of life you’re in, that’s giving you some sort of struggle, embrace it. Whether it’s struggling to get a promotion at your job or struggling to pass that test to be that doctor or nurse, commit to it. Know that it’s all apart of the journey and when you’re on the other side of that struggle, you’ll be able to look back and be grateful that it wasn’t easy because the victory wouldn’t be as sweet and no lessons would have been learned.

Keep fighting!