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Brace yourselves for what I’m about to say *inserts dramatic pause*


I, the person who said she would never ever ever go back to school, is currently pursuing her MBA in Human Resources Management. Wow! I’m such a hypocrite lol 

But no, on a serious note, I decided to go back to school. Matter of fact, I’m going on week four in my new program and it is one of the most challenging but fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. I’m doing this because I got comfortable. Now, while nothing’s wrong with that, referring to my Contentment post (The Pursuit of Happiness), I know there is more for me to do in life. So, me being who I am, I am pushing myself further than I ever have.

Here’s the cool thing that I found out about myself, in the process: when I’m doing something that brings me a challenge, in one aspect of my life, I find that I’m more proactive in other ways. I decided to get back into a routine with yoga with a mix of cardio. It’s fairly new, but I’m determined to stop making excuses and get back to my active days. Because let’s face it, I am trying to be the fine mom that all my child’s friends be like, “where’s your mom today? 👀” Just kidding, but I do want to be healthy. 

While I do still struggle with what I eat, I have made some modifications here and there. I’m not perfect in that sense because I love my New Orleans style dishes, but I am replacing little things and incorporating some workouts to get to where I want to be.

Which leads me to my blog. This journey has been such an up and down one when it comes to my writing. There are a lot of things that influence it, and I have my moments when I’m super inspired and then I have moments where I can’t even finish a sentence to get my point across. But, when I’m passionate and motivated, the thoughts and ideas just flow naturally. Take now for instance, I decided to write this post 5 minutes ago, while sitting on the sofa watching Sex and The City, season 6A and about to head out to work. 

So, bare with me through this journey. I’m sure they’ll be lots of ups and downs but I’m hoping those ups and downs can inspire you to push yourself too. Know that you can begin again on YOUR own terms, no matter what. Ignore the stigmas and negativity that you or others may have and do what you have to do to better yourself.