The Terrible Two’s (Twenties)...


Everyone recalls the phrase people use for their kids or others kids when they turn two years old, referred to as the terrible two’s. It’s like something just comes over kids where they are just into everything and people think of them as terrible;just bad kids. But I have a new outlook on it. Think of this: what if they’re not bad, they’re just exploring?

Now, before I thought of this theory, I was going through it. Actually, I still am. Not the terrible two’s, but the terrible twenties. It’s like, one day I’m good and I’m feeling strong like I can conquer anything, but then the next I’m feeling lonely, like I have no direction, like I have no purpose, money is too short, and feeling misunderstood. In other words, I don’t know who I am. 

But isn’t that the point of your twenties? Well at least in my four years in my twenties (yes people, I can do math, I’m 24), I’m finding that I was in a different head space in each year.

20, was my reckless year and contrary to popular belief, 21 was my eye-opening year. A lot changed for me during that time. I ended friendships, I moved off of campus, I was really trying to find my independence. But you see, 22 was the age of figuring out what and who was important and I had to start thinking about the real world. I was graduating pretty soon and hadn’t found a job in my field or anything yet. 

Good old 23 brought me so much emotion and realizations because I moved away from home to a state where I only knew one person. I really couldn’t figure out if I even wanted to be there but I knew it was something I needed to do in order to define who I wanted to be outside of my family. Luckily, age 23 sent me my best friend and he has taught me so much about life. That one moment of meeting someone, outweighed every bad moment that year.

Now, we’re at age 24. Though I can see where I want to be relationship and family wise, I’m still discovering where I want to be career wise. I love my job and the company I work for more than anything, seriously. But to get to where I’m utilizing my degree is the goal! This brought me to the decision to go back to school to pursue my MBA in Human Resources Management. This is the year of elevation for me.

The point is, I’m still exploring and I’m happy I’m exploring. I have been working on self-care so much that I’m finally getting into a routine with it. Even though I’ve been through so much, I can honestly say I’m grateful for that journey and I’m super ready for what the last 6 years of my twenties will bring.  

So, for all of my twenty somethings going through an identity crisis. IT. IS. NORMAL. You are not odd, you’re just trying to figure out life! Embrace it. Make your own rules. Be true to you!