Baggage Claim...

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Imagine you’re going on a trip for a vacation. When you’re packing, usually you make a list and  you pack the essentials; what you need!

There’s a weight limit, so you can’t take every single thing you want bc then it would be too hard to carry and super expensive to take. 

Think of life the same way. What are you overpacking in your life, your heart, your head? Are they over the weight limit and weighing you down ? Think about it:

Is that breakup you’re holding onto the reason you’re not dating even though you keep saying you want to date? (Talking to myself 🤦🏾‍♀️)

Is that “no” for that position holding you back from growing in the company?

Is that childhood trauma holding you back from being open to people or new friendships? 

Better yet, is the way you were taught to be, growing up, holding you back from trying something new or walking in your purpose? 

Just think about it. 

The extra baggage can weigh us down and hold us back from moving forward in our lives and it sucks because we were meant to do so much more than worry and not be our best selves!

We work hard to get to places, but can’t let go of little things that have turned into even bigger problems in our present. 

You deserve more than to live a life dragging dead weight around. 

So only take what you need:

Take your creativity 

Take your values 

Take those hard lessons 

Take your smile & personality

Those are necessities. People & problems are not! 

Don’t be afraid to rid yourself of toxic things that weigh you down, so you can live a lighter life.