Dear Creators...


imagine being forced into an activity or sport by your parent(s). But you have no connection, no passion, or no love for this activity. What do you begin to do? I’ll tell you! You begin to slack in practice, you could care less if you win or lose, and you begin to rebel. It wastes your time and energy, as well as everyone else. 

Now imagine your art being the child and you the parent: you’re forcing it to be something its not for simple likes and recognition when all it wants to do is be free to create and express what it needs to feel happy and satisfied. 

In my opinion, art is used as an expression. Whether that is an expression of self, expression of feelings, or an expression of life around you. Creators use art, in may different forms, that range from rap all the way to tattoo artists. Art is simply the freedom to create.

When I think about social media mixing in with art, however, I sense a lack of creativity and self. I see content being put out for likes versus actual expression when we should be using it for is to be a tool for expression of art. Hear me out! I created my blog page, separate from my personal page, for the sole purpose of making it strictly about my blog. I use it so people can see what I have created without letting them dictate WHAT I create. There’s a difference. 

People will see your art and either way, it’ll be their “cup of tea” or it will not be. If I try to curate content for the people who do not like my style of writing or vlogging, then it shifts from me wanting to create for expression to creating for others. 

I have said it a million times so here is a million and one: I do not create for likes or acknowledgement, I create because of the trials and good things I experience on a daily basis. When I share what I go through, it could possibly help someone who may be on the same path. If one person is touched by the way I express myself, then I am so very happy that I can do that for them. Not because they share my page or my website, no, but because they can step outside of their self and see life through someone else’s eyes. They can say, “I’m not in this alone.” 

 Furthermore, I am not paid to do the content that I do and nor do I want to be. This is a personal choice. Simply because it turns from a hobby to something I am forced to do, for a living. I have a bigger goal in mind; that will allow me to walk in my purpose of writing and helping others, at the same time. For those who do use their social media to gain followers and partnerships through big companies, for very personal goals and purposes, I applaud you, I admire you, and I see you! The sky is the limit, just don’t get lost in the “likes” because it does not dictate your talent or success. If you can touch one person, that person could be the one to help you build your brand or get you with a lot of connections for your career. I can genuinely say, I hope and pray it pays off for you!!!

So remember, when we begin to let people dictate our freedom and art, it begins to not excite or fill our cups anymore. 

So be free and create freely!! The world needs more genuine people aNd artists!