Side Effects May Include...

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you may have heard that saying one of those medicine commercials. safe to say, it gave me inspiration for this post! what in noticed was Once it got through all of those positive effects it could have on the consumer, it started listing all of the negative side effects that could “possibly” happen after taking it. What I began to think was, “ Why on earth would I take something that could possibly kill me or cause me stomach or head problems, in order to get one desired result?” Meaning, is the risk of all the negative, worth the one positive?Pain relief.

Lets’s talk about it!

In life, we experience similar possibilities of negative side effects. For example, people dating know the possible side effects of beginning a relationship: Cheating, falling more in love with the person than they are with you, no dating, no affection, no quality time, slight loss of interest, arguments, and the ultimate, breaking up.

Another example is with our careers. Say for instance you are unhappy with your current job and looking for something that better suits you. However, the side effects may include: Unhappiness at new job, boredom, possibility of no growth, no relationships with co-workers, possible pay-cut.

Maybe something smaller like, traveling to a new country on a vacation. Side effects may include: Getting lost, can’t speak the language, getting sick, or not having fun because of not knowing what to do.

All of those things sound TERRIFYING to me and yet, I still want to experience them. I want to fall in love because I know the other side is beautiful & worth while. I still want to grow and develop in my career and do what’s going to get me where I want to be. I most definitely want to travel the world and experience the beauty of it. What makes taking these chances better, is the fact that you can do your research before just jumping in, but also knowing that there are things that you just cannot prevent from happening because they are not in your control.

In a moment of transparency, I took a risk to move to Houston, straight out of undergrad. I had no one here except one person I knew and new coworkers. I took a risk by leaving a job I thought I would go corporate with to a company that I have always admired. I also took a chance with being vulnerable, for the first time in my life, and creating a blog where people get to see the way my brain works; You guys get a front row seat to my thoughts, my journey, & most importantly, my shortcomings. Am I where I want to be yet? Absolutely not, but will I continue to take those chances? yes! Through prayer & planning, I was able to take a chance and had I not moved to Houston, I would have not been working for my favorite company in the world. Nor would I have started my blog. It’s crazy to think about, 2 years later.

Hopefully this all makes sense to you guys. I’m basically saying, take the risk in the smartest way possible. Take the chance on adventure, love, and life. Life is so short and fear of the “what if” is something we must overcome. I’m not implying that some of those side effects won’t happen, who knows? But, to live a life where you never try anything because of the risks, means you’re not living your life.

So know, there will always be side-effects in everything you do, but we should determine which are worth the risks because who knows? They may lead you to a road you could have never imagined.