New Skin Care Routine...

Hey guys! So, I got a lot of feedback about wanting to see the face behind the words a little bit more, so here you go!

A little backstory about my skin:

I have NEVER struggled with my skin except having eczema flare-ups on my cheek bones. But the more I got into make-up, hormones changing, haircare changing, and new meds, my skin started to act funny *rolls eyes*šŸ™„

So, here is my new skin care routine, for those who are interested! Press Play šŸ˜

(P.S. I have all the products posted in the description box on the youtube channel (because apparently I have to have a youtube channel to upload to here) Note: Some of these products are expensive, so I am in NO WAY SAYING GO BUY THEM, I am just letting you in on my new routine and show you how iā€™m #ChasingLife

Enjoy ā¤ļø