Small Steps Matter...

In our perfectionist society, we believe one of two things, as it relates to things we are pursuing:

  1. We have to have it all together

  2. We have to have a well thought out plan before we can begin


Both are completely untrue. When I was reading my new book, Big Magic, the author pointed out one of my flaws to me. Basically stating that for us control freaks, we have to have it all figured out and be able to control the outcome before we begin a new project or we will not pursue it at all. For me, I have never been shy about a challenge and I was always used to knowing what I was getting into before I got into it. Childhood is funny that way, because your every step is supposed to be planned out for your well-being. As an adult, however, I have found that absolutely none of my plans have gone as planned, and yet, they have brought me to an even greater purpose. Let me explain:

  1. I planned on having a job in Human Resources after graduating, so moving to Houston would bring me more job opportunities-WRONG; still not in HR

  2. So, contrary to what I always said about school, I went back. Now pursuing my Master’s and applying for jobs in HR- still not being hired (even for entry-level positions)

  3. I began taking my blog more seriously and hoped I’d have more of an audience by now to share the insights that I have and simply, help others-WRONG! Still having very minimal interaction

  4. Next, the company I adore and am employed at, was going to be the company that saw my experience and potential and continue elevating me but turns out, it’s not filling my cup as I thought it would-I THOUGHT THIS WAS IT FOR ME!

So, you see people: PLANS SUCK! But small steps are greater than no steps at all because with all the actions I have taken(above), it has led me to deeper prayer and meditation. Which also has brought me to my purpose in life. Follow me:

  1. With my experiences in training, development, and leadership at all of my jobs, plus my soon to be double degrees, the career path I probably should have been on initially, has presented itself.

  2. Though my current position at work is not filling my cup, a position that I previously performed, did fill my cup, which brought me to the conclusion that teaching others is a strength for me.

  3. Writing has been not only therapeutic, but also a passion that I never even dreamed would be. The small step I took, has given me a vision

Whats that vision,  you ask?  A passion for training & developing others to reach their greatest potential, while being able to express themselves freely, and the many job experiences I have had, has led me to enrolling into a teaching certification program. 

I have been around teachers my whole life, my dad being one of them. Some have been just terrible and the rest have been transformational in my life. My high school teachers, subs, and coaches definitely played a big role in me beginning my journey in the real world. They cared for me, were my confidants, and encouraged me to always be my best, while showing tough love in necessary cases. 

They let me be who I was, unapologetically, but still knew how to help me find the balance I desperately needed. 

So guys, I say all of this to say, plans are just that-a plan. We know that if plan A doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean the rest of the alphabet are not options. We must first, be willing to alter our plans and take a different route, if necessary. I am grateful for all of the experiences I have had because it has led me to finally finding my niche. If I never took that small step to moving to Houston, that small step in creating a blog, or that small step in enrolling in my Masters program, I would have never been so desperate to find my true purpose and go for it.

So change your plan if that’s what it takes to walk in your purpose. 

Small steps are greater than none. 

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