Soul Ties...

Have you ever been attached to someone that you just connect with, whether it is because of sex, commitment, or a close friendship; as if you just can't get over this person, no matter what you do? If so, this is referred to as soul ties and can either be a great thing or something that can really be damaging to you and your heart. 


For example:  This experience is one of those times where you want this person, maybe not just for the physical aspects of it, but for the way they make you feel; how safe you are around them, how easy it is to be yourself around them, and how easy it is to love them. But this is where it gets tough, because those exact characteristics sound like one of a significant other, but in this case, he's not yours. So, what would you do?

I got a bit of insight from friends & family and some of the comments were:

  • "Before you try and move on fully, you have to break them. Those attachments keep you there in a way that's not healthy for the new to be able to flourish."-CG

  • "I wouldn't necessarily call them soul ties, I'd call them bad habits because if you get fed up enough, you'll leave this person alone. You have to want to let them go."-SL

My take on it is that  people aren't placed in your life by accident but, intertwining your soul with a person, based on temporary feelings is not always the best idea. Am I guilty of this? of course, but I'm a strong believer that if its meant to be, it would have already happened. Some things get in our way where we start to believe that this could eventually happen but while we're waiting for so long, we are missing out on the endless possibilities of finally seeing the person you were meant to share your soul with.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for being patient and letting that person come around because if you truly want something, you should go for it; its your life. However, when those feelings are not reciprocated on both sides, you become stuck on this person and start finding excuses to stay. 

Make sure to cut those ties and stop giving so much of yourself and your feelings to temporary people.