Love Is...

This is a love appreciation post so fair warning to those who don’t like mushy love topics lol. 


I recently started watching this amazing show titled, Love Is___. I won’t delve deep into it but just know, you should watch it. Although Nuri and Yasir’s love story is true and began so quickly, you can’t help but to see how beautiful their love is. They both have their own separate lives and are in different places in them. They fall in love almost instantly and it’s inspiring to see. So please subscribe to OWN and begin watching. 

Luckily, we get to see these love stories on television, but this type of love is happening right in front of us too. Maybe even in our own relationships. It’s  funny because the title of this show leaves, what you believe love is, up to your own personal interpretation. But really what is love? 

We know that in the Bible it is said that love is patient and kind. Does not envy, does not boast, and is not proud. (1 Corinthians 13:4) My definition of love is that and more accompanied with actions and feelings.

It’s unconditional; flaws and all. That feeling of relief when you see them. The smile that you can’t hide. The laughs. The worry when they’re on the way somewhere that you say,”let me know when you make it” accompanied by watching them leave and walk to their cars. Love is even those things, specific to your relationship, that’s bad too. The intense moments that you don’t even believe that y’all will make it through, because it’s hard. But all worth it, with the right person. 

Another really good point in the show is who the two main characters turn to when things are not going the way they thought. So here are some words to remember; No one, I mean no one, including family or friends, can tell you how to love, who to love, and when to love. So remember, when asking for advice, let it be just that: advice to gain insight and a different perspective from those who care about us and our happiness. 

Lastly, don’t compare your love story because comparing your love to someone else’s is a recipe for disaster. If things are not going a certain way or you want something from your partner, talk to them so you can fix it.

Remember, there will be downs that come with a lot of ups in your relationship, because nothing in this world is perfect. But if the feeling and joy you have with a person, when you’re with them, makes you forget about the noise and negativity of the outside world, keep it. Let your love story be unique to you and if you’re lucky enough to find it, keep chasing it.