The “Love” Cheat Sheet...


Chasing Love has always been a hard topic for me because let’s face it, I haven’t been the most successful in relationships. However I’ve said before that, I may not be an expert on love but I do know what not to do and more importantly, what not to accept because of all the mistakes I’ve made, along with accepting less than I deserved. So if you need a guide, I guess this is what this is about to be. Fellas, this applies to you also, so pay attention.

We all know (and if you don’t, now you do), expectations are the biggest reason for let down and heart break. So here’s a tip, similar to my pevious post (Solid Foundations, Communication, & Setting Expectations...) DON’T SET UNDISCUSSED EXPECTATIONS. Don’t set yourself up for a let down. Just because you want things done a certain way, does not mean your partner does. Keep that line of communication open between the two of you on wants and what you don’t want. 

Next, one of the most important hints of all time: If someone wants to be with you, show you off, introduce you to people, let you in on their lives, take you on dates, travel with you, spend time with you, and/or love you, they will. Because trust me, someone who really loves and adores you, won’t care what anyone, outside of your relationship thinks about it. No questions asked. You will never have to beg or plead with anyone on your position in their lives because they will show you with their actions. If you find yourself doing so, I’m so sorry you’re in that position, because it’s one of the most embarrassing and demeaning feelings ever. Remember: People will show you their true colors by the way they treat you. Words mean nothing, actions mean everything. 

Third, you have a separate life away from your person so live it how you please. Just because you get into a relationship, does not mean you don’t have to meet with your friends’ anymore, go out, or do the things that make you happy. They’re living there’s just fine so why shouldn’t you?  Be your best self and remember life is way too short to stop living yours. No no!

Last but certainly not least, just love. Love unconditionally, with no limits, no rules, no secrets. Love is one of the greatest feelings on the planet to experience, when it’s genuine and a two-way street. Strive for them to be your best friend, who no matter what, you want to run and tell them everything. Your partner/best friend will put up with your nonsense because they know you, your intentions, and they love you. So. say and show you love someone, not for a response but because you truly mean it.