All I Can Give...


What’s your specialty? You know, like what’s the strongest characteristic about yourself? The one that your ex’s can always look back and say something like, “ I’m not gonna lie, Shelby was a great cook” or something like that. Well although I am a great cook (haha), I’d like to think my strongest characteristic or speciality, is that I love. Like genuinely, wholeheartedly love.  

I remember being compared to other girls and the way their body’s looked compared to mine, like ALWAYS! It really used to hurt my feelings because I began to believe in order to get attention or to “measure up” to those other people, I had to work on those parts of my body that they thought I lacked in. Sucks right?

I even remember myself starting to get discouraged in college because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my degree. Watching others excel and work these amazing jobs made me feel like when I got into a relationship, that I couldn’t bring as much to the table. 

But then something dawned on me... I really excel at loving people. I realized that the way that I love is so special that even when I have nothing, I still give my all at that because I know that Love is the greatest gift that you can give someone. Making them feel included, helping them feel strong and positive mentally, supporting them through their ventures, and just smiling and having a genuine concern about their day, is special. 

Am I tooting my own horn? Absolutely! Because I know that no one else can give my love because it’s just that: MY LOVE. I’m also confident in the fact that I know I may not be the “finest” thing walking around but my personality and what I do have is cherished by someone! My intelligence and my leadership is cherished as well.

Basiclaly: I’m not lacking where others are excelling, that’s just their speciality NOT mine! SO WHAT??!

I said all of that to say:

1. when all else fails in your relationship; dating isn’t happening, communication sucks, the friendship is being questioned, and you’re at your end, just love. Remember why you fell for that person, remember the positives. And no matter what you do, don’t ever give up on love. Everyone does not know how to accept love or give love and most of the time it’s because they’re  not willing. 

2. Find what you’re great at in your relationship and use that to your advantage! if he’s great at cooking but you’re great at cleaning, then be the best dish washer known to man ! 

3. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone was meant to be different. Your relationship is yours and you have to find balance within it. 

P.S. Love a little harder!