Back In The Game...


So, I have been out of a relationship for quite some time now and I have been super focused on getting my mental health together and making sure I am focused on my career and creativity.

Now that I am on a good path, I realized that learning about me is going to be a life long journey and I want to get back out there, and start dating again. But it’s scary in this day and age because we live in a “hook up” culture. We have hundreds of dating apps and that scares the heck out of me because I crave genuine connection.

I am an old-fashioned young woman, and want to meet people the old school way, but it seems like that is getting harder and harder because you’re not even sure who is really into you, for YOU!

So, here are some tips that I have gathered from friends and coworkers about getting back out there! I hope this helps another single:

  1. Make yourself available. Go out to networking events, restaurants, and just in areas where other singles may be as well.

  2. Be open with body language. My resting “b” face is very terrifying (so i’ve heard). So lighter facial expressions, no folded arms, and just be comfortable because YOU GOT IT and the person who see’s you should see your confidence!

  3. Ask questions. You know that you want to get to know the person on a different level. Ask questions to see if they are on the same wave. If they give off, “I just wanna hook up” vibes. RUN

  4. Ask around. Does your friend have a friend? Use your resources people! (TALKING TO MYSELF). Your friends make great wingmen and women, so see if they have any friends or coworkers that may peak your interest. BUT BE WARNED! DO NOT BRING THEM INTO THE MIDDLE OF YOUR DRAMA IF IT TURNS INTO THAT!

These are some of the tips that I have gotten and I’ll start putting them into use. Let me know if these work for you also! and good luck on your dating journey !