How Dare I?


How dare I stay with someone who chooses everything over me?

How dare I choose your happiness over mine?

How dare I continue to silence myself so you can feel like you’ve “won”?

How dare I love you more than I love myself ?

How dare I look in the mirror and not recognize who i’ve become?

How dare I not chase my dreams because they will outshine yours?

How dare I stop spending time with my friends to stay at home waiting on you?

How dare I stop talking to God because i’ve lost hope in this relationship?

Catch my drift? Now let’s switch the verbiage.

How dare I not leave this situation that no longer serves me purpose?

How dare I not keep God first in my toughest season?

How dare I not set expectations and stick to them?

How dare I not live my life to the fullest?

How dare I not walk away from a person who clearly does not deserve me?

How dare I not walk in this greatness that I am?

The same way we are quick to say “How dare you?” should be the same sense oF urgency when we do things that are insulting to ourselves. It is an insult to ourselves, to stay in situationships and relationships that make us feel small and not like ourselves. I’m guilty of this!

We know that great relationships go through ups and downs, but they should help bring out the best in us, not the worst. You should not feel mentally drained, but encouraged and supported. You also will never feel like you have dim your light for the one that loves you because they will help you shine even brighter!

If you’re in a relationship that makes you feel like you’re in a boxing ring going twelve rounds, take off the gloves and ask yourself, How dare I?