You DO NOT Have To Settle...


Though I have spoken previously about women listening to their inner voice, I feel it necessary to speak on it again, given my current situation. 

Our intuition is something that we are told is a gift that women were blessed with. Because of the magnitude of this gift, we shouldn’t ignore it when that voice is telling us something. I mean what makes us ignore it anyway?

For one, we tend to let our feelings outrun simple logic. Like someone we love can say anything that makes absolutely no sense and because we love them, we ignore that voice telling us, “something is off!” This happens so much when we’re in love. We can have evidence and know exactly what’s going on, but yet, we still ignore it. 

We go against every bit of our morals, ignore our values, ignore our families, and even friends who can see clearly in what’s going on. But we listen to the person who claims to love and care about us, but is doing and saying the opposite of love. 

For my spiritual folks, the Bible states that, Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, boastful, or proud (1 Corinthians 13:4 NLT). So if the person who claims to love us is exhibiting behavior outside of what we KNOW love to be, why would we settle for that?

Is it hard to leave the person you love, the one you talked family with, marriage with, and building with? Absolutely! But wouldn’t you rather not settle for someone who says one thing and does another? Maybe it’s just me.  

Don’t look at it as “losing” someone. Look at it as elevating and gaining yourself. It’s really their loss. You are a powerful, strong, and wonderful human being who deserves someone that loves you with honesty and acts with pure intentions. 

Too many of us ignore our intuition and I hope it stops before you get hurt. Because being heartbroken because we chose to ignore signs and actions,  is a terrible feeling.

Be true to who you are, you KNOW right from wrong and if something feels wrong, DO NOT SETTLE UNTIL YOU GET ANSWERS! What you do with those answers will either continue a detrimental pattern or be the first steps to finding a love so true that you even forget the mess you’re in now. Next steps are super important guys. I’m learning that day to day and because of this, this time, I’m proudly and confidently choosing me.